10mm Heavy Duty Black Non-Slip Floor Sheet For Wet And Frosty Area

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10mm Heavy Duty Non-Slip Floor Sheet

Non-Slip Flooring fits to walkways, gangways, access ramps, industrial floors, bridges, landing areas, platforms, piers and pontoons
Made from hard wearing and durable GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic, with a highly effective gritted anti-slip safety surface, non-slip floor sheets or GRP plates will last for years.

Non Slip Floor Sheets
Anti Slip - gritted surface tested in accordance with BS7976-2. It provides an exceptional level of slip resistance in all directions. Lifespan guaranteed for 10 years subject to standard use applications.
Fire Resistant - meets Class A2-s1 in accordance with EN ISO 9239-1.
Lightweight - only 1/3 the weight of steel, GRP is a convenient, fast, and safe installation material, reducing the risk of manual handling injuries, and easily cut on-site without the need for hot works permits.
Non-Conductive - GRP acts as an insulator making it ideal for application in and around HV plant and equipment. It can also be supplied with a carbon finish to provide static discharge characteristics needed in electro-static sensitive environments.
Made in GB - Manufactured entirely at our premises in the UK in accordance with our ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System - the structural integrity of the material is high grade.
Quick and easy to install, a cost effective solution to improving safety in potential slip hazard areas. Suitable for interior or exterior environments.

Standard duty for wet, frosty and oily conditions, suitable for most applications and will give many years of service under normal conditions. Normal pedestrian traffic.
Heavy duty for wet, frosty and oily conditions, suitable for areas with a very high footfall, if the area is likely to be contaminated (muddy conditions), or if you prefer our best product.

Non-Slip Floor Sheets product properties

Anti-Slip Floor Sheets, 10mm thickness, manufactured from high quality GRP incorporating a quartz (Standard Duty) or ToughGrip (Heavy Duty) gritted anti-slip surface designed to provide excellent slip resistance.

  • Rated extremely low potential for slip
  • Tested anti-slip to BS7976.2
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Tough, hard wearing and durable GRP - lasts for years
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Light weight
  • UV stable
  • Non metallic
  • Available in Standard duty or Heavy duty
  • Custom colours available: order any BS or RAL colour
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environmental


  • Helps create a safer environment
  • Great in wet, frosty and oily conditions
  • Can be applied to nearly any substrate
  • Areas can be used immediately after installation

Stock sizes

  • 1220mm x 1220mm (4' x 4')  Max weight: 28 kg.
  • 2440mm x 1220mm (8' x 4')  Max weight: 56 kg.


Approx. 10mm.

Cut to size service

Maximum individual size: 2400mm x 1220mm. Cutting tolerances +/- 3mm.

Stock colours

Black (RAL 9004), Light Grey (RAL 7035), Medium Grey (RAL 7004), Dark Grey (RAL 7015), Yellow (RAL 1003), Beige (RAL 1001), Brown (RAL 8028), Red (RAL3950). Non stock custom colours available.

Non-Slip Floor Sheets - Standard Duty or Heavy Duty

Our standard duty products are suitable for most applications and give many years of service under normal conditions. However, if your requirement is in a very high foot fall area such as a train station or hospital, or maybe the area is likely to be contaminated (muddy conditions), or you just want the best we produce - then our premium heavy duty  products are for you.

Standard duty - medium grit, particle size 1.0mm:

  • For wet, frosty and oily conditions.
  • Normal pedestrian traffic.

Heavy duty - ToughGrip - coarse grit, particle size 1.7mm:

  • For wet, frosty and oily conditions.
  • For busy pedestrian traffic. Train stations, hospitals, stadiums, car parks, busy public walkways.

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