1M Aluminium Door Bars Threshold Strip Heavy Duty


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Aluminium door bar threshold strip transition trim laminate is used as solution for stairs and floor transitions. It is ideal solution for connecting fitted carpets with parquet floor or terracotta tiles, especially as they level out possible differences of levels.
Door floor trim can be cut easily to desired length with hacksaw. The unquestionable advantage of these strips is an invisible method of mounting to the base.  Installation - First drill the holes. - Next slide the fixing dowels into the track beneath trim ensuring they line up to the holes drilled previously. - On the end just push down firmly onto the trim so the plugs are fully inserted into the holes.
Carpet Profile Cover comes very well packaged so that it could not be bent or twisted in any way. Each trim comes pristine in manufacturer packaging supplied with correct screws and plugs for installation.
Those 1M Door Floor Bars are High Quality and professional, finished look.

Profile available in three sizes:
Dimensions: 1000mm x 30mm
Dimensions: 1000mm x 40mm
Dimensions: 1000mm x 50mm

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