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  • Ideal for - Asphalt, concrete, bitumen and tarmac surfaces such as car parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, roads, disabled bays and pedestrian walkways.
  • Easy to apply - our one part part is ready to be applied straight from the tin.
  • Excellent resistance to UV and weathering - colours, protects from fading and waterproofs in just one coat.
  • Anti slip - PTV readings of "66: Extremely low slip potential" when dry and "52: Low slip potential" when wet.
  • It’s virtually solvent free and has an A+ VOC emissions rating.

Suitable Substrates

  • Asphalt, Bitumen, Concrete and Tarmac

Pendulum Slip Test Values

  • Wet - 66: Low slip potential
  • Wet - 52: Low slip potential

How to Apply

  • Anti Slip Asphalt Car Park Paint is best applied using our 12" Roller, our 5" Paint Brush, and our Paint Scuttle.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase our Premium Paint Bundle, which will give you everything you need to complete the job.


  • Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from wax, oil, food residue or any other substance likely to affect the application of the paint. Grease and oil should be removed with our Standard Degreaser.
  • Previously painted surfaces should be roughened slightly using sanding material. New concrete should be left at least 28 days before applying the paint.
  • No primer is required, however if you are applying to concrete, and you feel the surface needs a more smooth, porous key, you can apply our Concrete Keying Etchant to neutralise any remaining alkalinity in the cement and to remove further dirt and laitance (weak, dusty cement particles).
  • If you are painting metal, remove any flakes by using a wire brush or similar, and then remove any oil or grease with our Standard Degreaser. For galvanised metal, a galvanised surface primer is recommended before painting.
  • We also recommend patch testing a small trial area first in areas where appearance is critical.


  • Open the tin, and thoroughly stirred the paint. Our Paint Mixer is the best tool for the job here. Please note - the paint should not be thinned.
  • Avoid applying the paint too thickly. Your first coat will take approximately 12 hours to dry (in a temperature of 15°C).

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