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  • Long-lasting - made from aluminium oxide grit, the anti slip properties of our tape are made to last. The strong PVC backing will also need the tape securely in place.
  • Suitable for - a number of substrates both internally and externally. Can be used on concrete, timber, brick, stone and metal.
  • Minimal downtime - stick down to the substrate and it's immediately ready for traffic.
  • Suitable for - highlighting dangers in hazardous areas and indicating course of action for both pedestrian and foot traffic.

How to Apply

  • Anti Slip Tape has a self adhesive backing, so can be applied straight onto the substrate by peeling off the plastic backing.


  • Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from wax, oil, food residue or any other substance likely to affect the application of the tape. Grease and oil should be removed with our Standard Degreaser.
  • For best results, use our Anti Slip Tape Primer for extra adhesion.


  • Roll out your anti slip tape to desired length, and then cut with a sharp pair of scissors.
  • Peel back 50mm of the adhesive backing, and then push the tape into place. Press down to secure, and then start to pull back more of the adhesive backing, pushing the tape into place as you go.
  • If applying to steps as a nosing, leave 10mm from the edge of the step to prevent wear and edge curl.

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