Black Anti Slip Strong Grip Tape 5M For Stairs And Walkways


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Black Anti Slip Strong Grip Tape 5M For Stairs And Walkways
The Anti Slip Tape is great for indoor and outdoor usage.
Whether it's to make a loading dock more secure, or just to have peace of mind on your front steps, Non-Slip Tape can Helps Prevent Slips And Falls to care for your family, friends and you.

Material : PVC base layer injected with 80 grit aluminum oxide compound boosts foot to surface stability
Adhesive : Extra strong acrylic
Release Liner : Paper

1.Ensure that the surface is completely free from dust and grease. The best cleaning medium is a solvent such as isopropyl alcohol applied with a clean cloth.The surface should be dry and free from any loose particles. Prime and seal unpainted wood and concrete surfaces.

2.Cut the tape to the desired length and round the corners with scissors.

3.Peel release paper and place in desired location.
(When the temperature is low, please slowly heated with a hair dryer, and gum with good results)

4.To attain the optimum bond,sufficient pressure should be applied evenly to the surface ,starting from the centre of the tape strip and work towards the ends.
(Dry for 24 hours on first use)

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