Commercial SlipGrip Anti Slip Roll On Flooring For Wood And Concrete Surface


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Commercial SlipGrip Anti Slip Roll On Flooring For Wood And Concrete Surface
SlipGrip Anti Slip Roll On Flooring is a quick and easy way to make a ramp, path or corridor slip-resistant. Simply roll it out, cut it to size, and peel off the self-adhesive backing. Comes in a 1-meter width.

Quick and easy to install - simply peel back the adhesive backing, and roll it down onto the preferred surface.
Long-lasting - due to tough resin-bonded aluminum oxide grit and can withstand water.
Suitable for - inside or outside applications in industrial, commercial or domestic environments.
Suitable substrates include - wood, concrete, stone, and metal.
Compliant with - Building Regulations and Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 2005.
Available in - coarse and fine, depending on the level of foot traffic.

Lengths: 4.5 metres or 9.1 metres
Width: 1 metre
Grade: Coarse (external) or Fine (internal)

Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from wax, oil, food residue or any other substance likely to affect the application of the paint. Grease and oil should be removed with our SlipGrip Standard Degreaser.

Priming - If your surface is non-porous and dust free, priming isn’t necessary. However dusty porous surfaces should be primed with our Anti Slip Tape Primer.

Peel off the backing strip to a length of approximately 5 - 10cm, which gives you more control when laying the floor in place. Then, firm the product into place with a hand or foot.

If you find you’ve made a mistake, don’t worry as this can be peeled off easily immediately after fitting, but do this straight away.

Continue to peel back the adhesive backing as you push the flooring into place. If you are fitting on surfaces that could get wet, or are likely to experience heavy traffic, then we recommend you use our Anti Slip Tape Edge Sealer.

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