Epoxy Concrete Floor Repair Mortar


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  • Floor Repair Mortar Excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, asphalt and metal.
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, and is tolerant to road salts and freeze-thaw.
  • Quick and easy to apply - no need for primer, with high early strength development.
  • Ideal for - repair of worn and damaged steps and floors, spalled expansion joints and runways.

Surface Preparation

  • All surfaces should be clean, free from oil, grease and chemical contamination, free standing water, old paint and loose debris. Oil and grease should be removed. A stronger repair will result if the edges are cut straight with a chisel, angle grinder or similar tool. Steel should be grit blasted or mechanically abraded to a clean bright finish.


  • This should be carried out using a hand held drill & whisk.
  • The base and hardener components should be thoroughly mixed in the base container. In cold conditions, it will greatly aid mixing if the materials are stored in warm conditions.
  • Once the base and hardener are thoroughly mixed they should be transferred to a bucket and the aggregate added slowly. Mix thoroughly for 3-4 minutes until a homogenous mix is obtained.


  • Floor Repair Mortar Once mixed, the Rapid Set Concrete Floor Repair Mortar should be applied by either a steel trowel or float, working the mortar into the substrate to ensure maximum distribution of the resin/hardener. The surface can then be brought to the required finish using a steel float after the mortar has been well compacted.
  • Finishing is simplified by wiping of the trowel face using a cloth dampened with a solvent based antibacterial cleaner. On thicker sections the material should be compacted in layers, not exceeding 25mm.
  • All tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately using a solvent based antibacterial cleaner.

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