Heavy Duty Long Riser Anti Slip Stair Nosing For Laminate And Wood Edges


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Heavy Duty Long Riser Anti Slip Stair Nosing For Laminate And Wood Edges
Excellent quality Anodised Aluminium stair nosing with anti-slip rubber insert,Perfect for Wooden, Laminate, Carpet, Vinyl or Tiled stairs providing you with a perfect finish, as well as preventing any damage to your stairs and disguising any imperfections that aren’t so easy on the eye. Stair nosings are an outstanding way of finishing the edge of your stairs.

This is a retrofit anti slip stair nosing profile with a long riser, that can be fitted over the edge of laminate,wood flooring,thin carpets or ceramic tile stairways after installation.This anti slip stair nose edging defines,refinishes and protects the step corners of an already laid flooring and is ideal in repairing and renovating existing stairs and steps in poor condition.The stair nosing is avaialble in anodised aluminium silver and gold colours,and comes with a coloured ribbed anti-slip pvc insert which improves slip resistance.The stair nose is fixed by screws which are placed within the insert track,and covered by the replaceable pvc insert so that the screws become invisible.

Material: Anodised aluminium silver or gold,with replaceable ribbed PVC insert in Black,Beige,Brown,Grey & Red
Width: 54mm
Inside depth: 44mm
Length: 250cm (8.3ft)

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