High Quality Self-Adhesive Vinyl Profile Door Threshold


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The floor sill cover is extruded from high-quality PVC soft plastic, and the surface is scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, dirt-resistant, and not easy to stain. It is different from other metal floor sill products, the pvc material is softer and safer.
It comes with adhesive tape, no need to punch holes during installation, it can be installed by tearing off the tape without damaging the floor. At the same time, you can freely tailor it according to your needs.
It is suitable for the transition of the slope of the threshold, the division and demarcation of the floor, the fixing of the threshold, the coverage of the gap of the wooden floor, the connection of the gap, the strengthening of the floor and the edge decoration. It is more suitable for covering the floor gaps on the same level. The gap is recommended to be less than 3cm.
5cm wide models are recommended to cover gaps <3cm, and 4cm wide models are recommended to cover gaps less than 2cm. If you need to transition the threshold slope, you can buy it based on your experience.
High-quality PVC self-adhesive floor edge decorative strips, floor dividers, strengthened and beautified floors, provide you with perfect decoration.
The product is made of high-quality PVC material, length 200CM / 78.7 inches; width: 4 cm / 1.57 inches.
Its advantages with other metal products being pvc material are its softer, the installation is simpler, no punching is required, and the operation is convenient.
It is good for protecting children or the elderly. Because it is made of PVC soft material, there is no need to worry about getting injured after tripping.
No holes, no damage to the floor.

Size ‎4cm and 5cm width
Colour ‎Gray, Brown, Light Brown and Black

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