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Why Choose Line Marking Paint?

  • Long-lasting - it's chlorinated rubber blend means it can withstand high levels of vehicle or foot traffic in both internal and external environments.
  • Versatile application - our line marking paint can be applied at temperatures as low as 0°C and is rain-proof within 1 hour of applying and can withstand pedestrian traffic within 4 hours (at 10°C).
  • Suitable substrates - bare concrete, asphalt, painted floors, aged blacktop, thermoplastic coverings, and previously painted lines.
  • Ideal for - private roads, car parks, industrial floors and school playgrounds

Please note, our line marking paint is not anti slip.

How to Apply
 Line Marking Paint is best applied using a 2-3" paint brush or mini roller.


  • Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from wax, oil, food residue or any other substance likely to affect the application of the paint. Grease and oil should be removed with our Standard Degreaser.
  • Previously painted surfaces should be roughened slightly using sanding material. New concrete should be left at least 28 days before applying the paint.
  • No primer is required, however if you are applying to concrete, and you feel the surface needs a more smooth, porous key, you can apply our Concrete Keying Etchant to neutralise any remaining alkalinity in the cement and to remove further dirt and laitance (weak, dusty cement particles).
  • We also recommend patch testing a small trial area first in areas where appearance is critical.


  • No need to stir, just coat your roller or paint brush in paint and start applying your line. The paint dries quickly, so keep the lid on the tin where possible.

    Tin Size: 5 Litres
    Coverage: Approximately 250 – 300m of 50mm wide line (12 – 15m² per tin)
    oat Amount: One coat needed

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