Natural chipboard Cork Roll Thermal Sound Insulation 1mx10m


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Natural chipboard Cork Roll Thermal Sound Insulation 1mx10m
Natural cork underlay for laminate flooring and wooden boards triple, is currently the best way of damping and vibration, mute the sound produced during walking, and to provide adequate thermal insulation. - Cork is a 100% natural - Resistant to moisture and water - It does not attract dust and dirt - It is resilient and flexible - Very good thermal and acoustic insulator - Do not pass gas - Completely harmless - Sound insulation 17 dB. Cork has stabilizing properties of air temperature and humidity. Positive influence on the climate and room acoustics. Effectively isolates the room from the harmful effects of building materials. It is lightweight - Air is 90% of the volume cap and about 50% of its weight. Cork is a material five times lighter than water and does not absorb water as it is a material resistant to water and unsinkable. It is flexible and compressible - means that returns to its previous state when no longer be subject to pressure. When the cork is treated with large forces, then the gas is compressed in the cells and their volume decreases. When the pressure ceases, the cells revert to a previous state, and the cap for signs of deformation. This feature allows the use of cork parquet floor even as. Cork is an excellent insulator - Due to its low thermal conductivity of the cork is always warm to the touch as it does not pass, nor heat absorbed in the body. In contrast to the other materials of the stopper retains its insulating properties over a wide temperature range. In this respect, much higher than, for example, polystyrene, which at high temperatures evaporates. It is anti-static - on the surface of cork does not accumulate static electricity, the plug is not electrified. Therefore, do not attract and absorb dirt. It does not cause the allergy.

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