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Why Choose FibreRail Handrail System?

  • FibreRail Handrail System has been designed specifically to to meet DDA obligations, Part M of the Building Regulations. Crafted from very strong steel for durability and encased in a PVC coating to provide the "warm-to-touch" benchmark set by Building Regs, our FibreRail Handrail system is a "smooth continuous handrail", designed to provide the user with maximum comfort and ease during use.
  • Meets further requirements from Building Regulations - with a 45mm diameter, security fixings and a ribbed surface to provide slip resistance.
  • Adjustable and secure - security fixings are used so the handrail can't be tampered with, and with up to 20 adjustable parts, you can tailor FibreRail to your specific needs.
  • Suitable for - both internal and external applications as well as being wall mountable for steps, slopes and walkways.
  • Aesthetically pleasing - each connector fits flush, giving the handrail a smooth and professional aesthetic finish. To ensure high visibility, the handrails are available in standard safety yellow or grey and can be combined for a contrasting effect.
  • Weather resistant - our handrail is UV stable and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

We also offer GRP Handrail for those looking for an industrial handrail solution.

Case Study

  • Queen Alexandra Hospital Case Study

How to Install

  • You can install our FibreRail Handrail System with our male and female hex head security fixings. and our hex head security allen key.


  • Our male & female hex head security fixings at 45mm long are used for the top tube and base foot only.
  • Our male & female hex head security fixings at 60mm long are used for our mid rail components.
  • Our M10 floor bolts are used for wall mounting and base foot.


  • Ensure that the areas to have the handrail system fitted are clean, dry and free from loose and friable material. Any “dished” or damaged surface areas should be patch repaired to provide a reasonably flat and consistent surface.
  • If required, it can be cut on site to suit, ideally using a chop saw with a metal cutting blade.
  • Please ensure that goggles and gloves are worn at all times when any form of cutting is required.

n.b. You must fix down Rail to a structurally secure surface the avoid any wobbling or instability. If you are fixing to paving slabs, you must ensure the paving slabs are fully fixed to a solid substrate.

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