Standard Duty Anti-Slip Stair Treads Buff For Platforms And Staircases


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Standard Duty Anti-Slip Stair Treads Buff For Platforms And Staircases
Non-slip Stair Tread Covers have outstanding slip resistance and are a quick and cost effective solution to improving stair safety. Helping you achieve DDA compliance and made from tough, hard wearing, durable GRP, they will last for years.

Anti-Slip Step Covers improve safety
Our 5mm thickness Stair Tread Covers are now even stronger, ideal for stairs with high footfall areas and worn steps. Manufactured with anti slip grit embedded into the surface during the production of the GRP substrate, ensuring superior performance compared to some retrospectively applied gritted surfaces.

Standard Duty for wet, frosty and oily conditions, suitable for most applications and will give many years of service under normal conditions. Normal pedestrian traffic and industrial applications. Platforms, staircases, steps, fire escapes, emergency exits, public access stairways.

Heavy Duty for wet, frosty and oily conditions and suitable for areas with high footfall. Busy pedestrian traffic and industrial applications. Train stations, stadiums, car parks, busy public walkways and stairways.

Fine Grit for wet and oily conditions, and suitable for normal pedestrian traffic.
For more sensitive areas such as play areas, schools, in domestic and commercial environments – generally for interior use but can be used outside if deemed suitable.

Fixing Anti-Slip Stair Treads
We recommend a double fixing method for installing stair tread covers consisting of a high strength bonding adhesive and mechanical fixing to each end.

Sikaflex adhesive sealant.
Having carried out adhesion tests using various adhesives we would recommend the use of Sikaflex for bonding our Stair Covers. Sikaflex is suitable for bonding to concrete, wood, metal and steel.

The reputation for Sika for quality and reliability is virtually unmatched, illustrated through a comprehensive portfolio of problem solving products that have been employed for many years in wide diversity of applications.

Sikaflex adhesive is also a sealant and will seal around the edge to stop water lying between the stair cover and the substrate (water will not harm the stair cover but can affect wood or metal substrates causing rot or rust).

Furthermore, use of Sikaflex will also help eliminate the drumming noise, when walked upon, that can be created when fitting onto an existing substrate.

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