Anti-Slip GRP Stair Treads With Black Nosing For Indoor or Outdoor Stairs

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Anti-Slip GRP Stair Treads With Black Nosing

Non-slip Stair Tread 

Anti-Slip GRP Stair Tread Covers - Blended Colour Range
Our range of blended multi-colour grit finishes are available in 10 colours, with an option to add a contrasting black or white nosing.

Anti Slip - gritted surface tested in accordance with BS7976-2. It provides an exceptional level of slip resistance in all directions. Lifespan guaranteed for 10 years subject to standard use applications.
Fire Resistant - meets Class A2-s1 in accordance with EN ISO 9239-1.
Lightweight - only 1/3 the weight of steel, GRP is a convenient, fast, and safe installation material, reducing the risk of manual handling injuries, and easily cut on-site without the need for hot works permits.
Non-Conductive - GRP acts as an insulator making it ideal for application in and around HV plant and equipment. It can also be supplied with a carbon finish to provide static discharge characteristics needed in electro-static sensitive environments.
Made in GB - Manufactured entirely at our premises in the UK in accordance with our ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System - the structural integrity of the material is high grade.
Anti-Slip Step Covers improve stair safety
Designed to cover existing stairs, non-slip Stair Tread covers have outstanding slip resistance and are a quick and cost effective solution to improving stair safety.

Non-slip Stair Tread
Anti-Slip Stair Treads product properties
Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers, designed to provide slip resistance to existing steps. Manufactured from high quality GRP incorporating a gritted anti-slip surface.

Rated extremely low potential for slip
Tested anti-slip to BS7976.2
10 year guarantee
Quick and easy to install
Indoor or outdoor use
Cut to size service
Tough, hard wearing and durable GRP - lasts for years
Corrosion resistant
Impact resistant
Light weight
UV stable
Non metallic
Embedded grit for superior performance
Manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environmental

Helps create a safer environment
Covers existing stairs
Can be applied to nearly any substrate
Stairs can be used immediately after installation
Made with Recycled Plastic Bottles

Stock sizes
800mm x 345mm x 55mm (nosing)
1000mm x 345mm x 55mm (nosing)
1200mm x 345mm x 55mm (nosing)
2000mm x 345mm x 55mm (nosing)
3000mm x 345mm x 55mm (nosing)

Cut to your sizes
Select the cut to size option and enter your sizes.

Maximum individual size:
3660mm x 345mm x 55mm high (nosing).
Cutting tolerances +/- 3mm.

Approx. 5mm.

Approx. 3.68kg/linear metre.

Grit grade
Fine - Medium grit.

Suitable environments
Domestic, commercial and industrial environments - interior and exterior.

Fixing methods
Bonded with an adhesive or mechanically fixed (for extra security use both options).

Service temperature
-50°c to +80°c.

Life expectancy
Design life of 10+ years, subject to traffic analysis.

The life expectancy of any flooring product will be dictated by the nature and volume of the traffic it receives.

Factors such as shoe type and material, weight of individual, non pedestrian traffic, and any contamination such as dirt or grit are all factors that will influence the natural wear and tear of the stair tread.

10 Year Guarantee
Anti-slip stair treads come with a 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee. Should any manufacturing defects occur within 10 years of purchase, we will replace free of charge.

Where can GRP Stair Treads be used?
Staircases, steps, fire escapes, office block steps, entrance steps, emergency exits, public access stairways.

Anti-Slip Stair Treads installation guide
Safe handling practices should always be employed. Store the covers flat upside down.

Adhesive Quantity
As an approximate guide, with a 6mm bead 1 x 300 ml tube of Sikaflex should be sufficient to bond 3.5 linear metres of Anti-Slip Stair Cover.

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