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You can choose to purchase the clips alone, or the clip sets which come complete with bolts, nuts and washers.

Clips are made from 316 stainless steel.

Case Study

  • Brymor Case Study
  • C' Clips: are used to join two grating panels together. One clip should be affixed every 500mm - place the clip over the two load bars of both panels, and then manoeuvre down so the clip is horizontal and slotted into place. Then push the screw through the clip holes and screw into the washer and bolt.
  • M' Clips & L' Clips: are used for drilling down your grating into place. M' Clips are used for when your grating has closed mesh edges, L' Clips are used for when your grating has open mesh edges. Set out where you will be positioning your grating clips. These should be in every corner of the grating panel, and then every 500mm inwards around the rest of the grating. Push the clips into the open mesh squares so that the clip sits neatly on the load bar, and the base of the Clip is sitting close to the bottom of the grating panel.
  • Clips
    Fixing down directly onto a substrate
     - if you are fixing directly into the existing surface, pilot drill through the hole in the clip and into the substrate then fix using the appropriate screw and plug.
  • Fixing down onto a support frame- if you are fixing into a support frame you will need to drill through the frame and then put through bolt fitting and tighten the washer and nut underneath the frame.

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