40mm Anodised Aluminium Door Threshold Ramp Profile

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40mm Anodised Aluminium Door Threshold Ramp Profile
Aluminium Threshold  is a dual connecting trim that provides a coordinating join and allows a safe transition between floors at different levels, as well as different surfaces. This is an aluminium profile with an eye catching anodised aluminium finish. Installation is incredibly easy, with no hassle involving screws or plugs, simply cut to the appropriate size, and slot the bottom of the profile underneath your desired surface, it will give you a maximum of 8mm in thickness. After putting this into place you will be given a maximum of 4mm thickness for your opposing surface.

Each trim comes pristine in manufacturers packaging.

Aluminium Threshold Dimensions:
900mm x 40mm

Additional Information:
Fixing Method    Screws
Colour    Champagne, Gold, Silver
Material    Anodised Aluminium
Length    0.9m
Type    Ramp
Size    40mm

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